Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rule 16 – Cavalry v Artillery Combat

Which Cavalry can Charge
Only formed cavalry can charge
Must have Engage, Attack or Hold orders

Artillery Reaction
Only formed gunners can test to react
If they pass test they can either evade or fire

Roll 1 d6 require 4 or more
Plus 1 - A class                                                          
Plus 1 - General within 4”     
Minus 1 - C class                   
Minus 1 - Poor commander                                                    
Minus 1 - Charged in flank or rear                                                     
Minus 1 - Each casualty

Gunners Evade
Gunners take reaction test when cavalry have completed one quarter of charge move
If they pass they may either evade or fire
If cavalry reach them they will lose 40% casualties and rout without guns

Gunners Fire at Cavalry

Roll 2 d6 – require 7 for a hit
Plus 1 - A class gunners                     
Minus 1 - C class gunners
Minus 1 - Each gunner casualty
Cavalry Test Morale for Casualty
If cavalry take casualties they must test morale to charge home
If cavalry pass test gunners lose 40% casualties and rout without guns

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