Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rule 11 – Infantry Skirmish

Only infantry and must have Hold, Attack (see below) or Engage orders
Against gunners and cavalry
Against infantry in the open, BUA or woods
Attackers halt at 4” and skirmish

Both roll 1 d6.  
Require 6 to kill

Plus 3              Skirmish A     
Plus 2              Skirmish B     
Plus 1              Skirmish
Minus 2           Shaken
Minus 1           Disordered
Minus 1           Enemy in BUA or woods
Minus 1           Deployed artillery
Minus 1           Cavalry
Minus 1           Each casualty
Minus 1           Infantry in square
Minus 1           Garrison firing

Any brigade with casualties must make morale

Infantry on Attack orders
Must attack enemy if within reach. 
If they end their move out of reach, but within 4” of the enemy, they may Skirmish

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