Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rule 3 – Corps Commander

Role of Corps Commander
His role is to issue orders to his brigades in accordance with his orders and the number of command points he has each turn.

Command Points
One command point for each formed brigade
Gifted commander plus 3
Average commander plus 2
Poor commander plus 1

Command Radius
To issue orders commanders must be within 8” of brigade

Actions costing 1 Command Point
Gifted commander change corps orders
Move and change face up to 45 degrees
Change formation or change face more than 45 degrees
Artillery fire, limber, move or unlimber
Infantry fire or skirmish

Actions costing 2 Command Points
Average commander change corps orders
Retire half move facing enemy
Half move and change formation
Artillery two actions of fire, limber, move or unlimber

Actions costing 3 Command Points
Poor commander change corps orders
Swop two brigades (replacement brigade must be directly behind and within 4”

Morale Bonus
Brigade will receive one plus point when corps commander is in base contact 

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