Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rule 1 – Movement on Blinds

Card is used to provide hidden movement and fog of war
Each card is 1.5 inch wide by 12 inch long
The width is the same as roads on the wargames table
There is one card for each corps in the wargame, plus one or two extra
The cards are marked A to G
Each player allocates one letter to each corps
The remainder are called “blinds”.
Each card moves once per move
When moving in column of march movement rate is 8”
When deployed movement rate is 6”
Half movement rate on hills, woods or broken ground
It takes one move to change from column of march to deployed

Spotting Process
Cards must be within line of sight to spot
Figures must be placed on the table when they move within 20" of the enemy
Enemy must then place their figures on the table

Replacing Cards with Figures
The front edge of the card is the forward line of deployment
If the front is  2” wide the corps is placed on the table in column of march
If the front is 12” wide the corps is placed on the table deployed
Figures may not overlap the width of the card

Combat on Cards
No combat is allowed either from, or at, a card
Figures must be placed on the table before any firing or combat takes place

Cavalry may leave the card to recce up to 8" ahead of the card
Infantry may leave the card to garrison BUA or woods
In both cases figures are placed on the table and normal rules apply
The remainder of the corps remain hidden by the card
No other detachments are allowed without placing the whole corps on the table

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