Saturday, June 25, 2016

Rewrite of Rules

This is the first major update of the rules since they were written in 2011.

The rules have been used on our wargames table on most days since they were first written.   We normally play one campaign wargame each week, and each game lasts twelve moves.   So the rules have been well play tested.

They have stood the test of time with only minor adjustments.  

When the rules were written my wife and I were running a solo 1813 campaign.   
The rules were written to suit our armies organisation and the length of a campaign day.   For example each campaign day was 12 hours long.   Each wargame was 12 moves long.

I did not change the rules when we converted the campaign to PBEM.  

My wife and I fight all of the campaign battles as wargames.  I post a battle report of each wargame on the campaign diary blog, but I transferred what happened on the table into campaign language.   For example one casualty on the wargames table was translated to 10% casualties in the battle report.

The main reason for this rewrite was to amend all such references so that they would make sense in the campaign.   So, for example, one casualty has been replaced by 10% casualties

In addition I have rewritten the following rules

Rule 1 – Movement on Blinds
A complete rewrite to reflect the new, campaign friendly, procedure

Rule 8 – Combat Quick Results
The addition of rules for troops behind the crest of a hill

Rule 09 – Combat at Edge of Woods or BUA
When more than one brigade attacks, each one is decided by a separate combat

Rule 18 – Morale
I have removed automatic routs.  

I hope that this rewrite, and the individual amendments, have made the rules a little easier to understand and follow.  

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